Thursday, December 27, 2012

Making The Most Of A Roast

Wow! I'm expected to know how to give birth and blow torch a roast?
courtesy of drewslowfoodcu

This year I hosted Christmas dinner.
I said, "Sure, I'll host and make a roast!"
It sounded traditional and picture book perfect.

...And they all said Merry Christmas and had roast. The End.

Only I had never made a roast.

I had never purchased a big hunk of beef nor known how many cuts there were under the category of roast. I didn't know the (shocking) price of a quality roast for 8 people.

After weeks of preparation for this curious thing I called Christmas Roast and sorting through many ways to cook one, I should now have an associates degree in bone in rib roast making. Thanks to a lot of looking around online, asking various butchers at meat counters, checking several recipes I landed on this site that had all I needed to make my Christmas Roast. Well, I'm happy to say with luck and research they all said Merry Christmas and had a deliciously prepared roast.
The End

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