Thursday, December 27, 2012

Making The Most Of A Roast

Wow! I'm expected to know how to give birth and blow torch a roast?
courtesy of drewslowfoodcu

This year I hosted Christmas dinner.
I said, "Sure, I'll host and make a roast!"
It sounded traditional and picture book perfect.

...And they all said Merry Christmas and had roast. The End.

Only I had never made a roast.

I had never purchased a big hunk of beef nor known how many cuts there were under the category of roast. I didn't know the (shocking) price of a quality roast for 8 people.

After weeks of preparation for this curious thing I called Christmas Roast and sorting through many ways to cook one, I should now have an associates degree in bone in rib roast making. Thanks to a lot of looking around online, asking various butchers at meat counters, checking several recipes I landed on this site that had all I needed to make my Christmas Roast. Well, I'm happy to say with luck and research they all said Merry Christmas and had a deliciously prepared roast.
The End

Monday, December 24, 2012

Half Baked Christmas

I tried to get the house in a Christmasy spirit and all that happened was some half-ass as-quick-as-I-could bad light jobs. A lame project here and there that just needs more time and attention. My Christmas cards were dark and someones chin was partially chopped off. But they got out damn it!
More than once Rich has said, "that's embarrassing". I don't have it in me to care. Maybe next year. Maybe never.

Everything I can get done in a weekend occurs in the 2 hour window when Stella takes a nap. (If Sam is napping too.) This includes showering and maybe brushing my fangs.

The most tiring part about motherhood I've found is the 10 levels of multitasking and mental planning going on and on in my head. Doing everything interrupted is not good for concentration.

When can there be just one thought.
One task.
And the time to do it?

I got a project done yesterday that had been on my mind for several months. I've been waffling around about what to put above the buffet in the dining room and after accumulating a decent collection of plates to use they were hung. Rich helped with the arrangement and wall anchor technique. I have lamps on order so I'll attach a picture when it's "more done" as all the way done may be a thing of the past.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things. This year and right now. Happy Holidays!
By artist Paige Bridges
Explore  blog about a 30-something Colorado couple currently going around the world in 18 months. What do you pack for that?!
HGTV Magazine  forever looking for my Domino replacement
Flipping Out  Jeff Lewis is part artist, mental patient, pervy friend and bravely bares a lot of himself in this t.v. show

One Kings Lane daily specials on interior decorating and gifts - new stuff and antiques
Zulily good deals on kids stuff. Shipping takes a few weeks but usually it's worth it.
Arbonne RE9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum not a big lotion person but when I put this on at night my skin is seriously softer and actually 'radiant' the next day.

No contract phone! I now pay half of what I used to pay per month and I have unlimited everything. I LOVE IT. So far so good.
Pinterest for filing ideas, images, decore, food, you name it. File the picture so you can look at it later and go,"oh yeah, good idea!" The image often takes you back to the url if it's still active too.

Lori's Lemon Honest Tea good natural tea with a little sweet (no corn syrup)
Sweet Leaf gallons of sweet tea for my honey (also no corn syrup & their original site is corrupt right now)
Perdue Simply Smart Chicken - my 1 year old loves this chicken. She knows when I substitute with a different brand. Just chicken and a light breading. For grown-ups throw a couple strips on a salad for a healthy quick dinner.
Allrecipes for really decent recipes and a lot to choose from
Simply Naked wine they had me at unoaked. Decent wine for meals and for the unspecial occasion of you, your love and some t.v.

Wegmans Cranberry orange bread good right out of the bread bag plain. Anything else makes it just that much better. Seasonal and sooo tasty.
Bad Santa my favorite holiday movie. Hey, I'm twisted. This is a real different take on Christmas spirit. If you are OK with rated R movies & you like Billie Bob Thornton check it out.
Bull Run Festival of Lights  Maybe there is a good light show in your neighborhood.
I love getting in the car Christmas eve and getting my cheesy light display on. The babies get to sit in my lap we go so slow through this park.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Green Dogs Are Great

Celebrating December 13 will be the 4th year I've had my rescue dog. In Byrdie's honor (formerly Robin) I'll tell you our story of adoption.

Once upon a time I was looking for a French Bulldog. I wanted a rescue, adult, non-chewing, house trained dog. My quest led me to Petfinder. Which led me to a million different breeds. Who knew Frenchies were hard to come by as they are in demand.
Elvis, Bubba, Byrd, Byrdie, Bbbbbyrd, Robin
I made an inquiry call about a dog and ended up being a foster parent the next day for Family Pack Rescue. The dog I liked had been rescued so I was asked to foster 2 beagle brothers that were going to be killed by the weekend if someone didn't take them home. Not what I had planned but I liked being a foster mom. I helped get some pups out of danger and move them through the system while I looked for my forever dog. I'd never owned a dog so fostering was a warm up to ownershipdom.

One day I got an alert from Family Pack Rescue with a list of dogs that were in need "or else" and I saw my girl. Not a Frenchy but a sweet funny face that spoke to me. I made the call did the application and planned my overnight trip to Roane County Animal Shelter. One of my best rash moves ever. She is as sweet as her picture.

I learned shelter life is brutal. Many shelters don't have the funds to pay for electricity or man power over the weekends so animals either get fostered/adopted out or die.
Coming into the holiday season if you are considering a pet consider your local shelter Shelters by state. Such a gift! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Heart Wegmans

You know how Charlie felt when he got a golden ticket? Elated to go into the magical, dreamy chocolate factory? That's about how I felt going to the SAC base Commissary with my mom as a kid. I dreamt up ways to get locked inside overnight so I could taste all of the things she wouldn't let me get. I wanted to lick the bubble gum wallpaper!

Fast forward to now and if a grocery store is "all that" I can find myself getting well, a bit of a crush actually. Like I did with Trader Joe's. It took me awhile to notice him but now I have a crush. Whole Foods is always breath taking but he's a bit of a poser-rich boy who lies. We're kind of on the outs but so goodlookin'.

That brings me to my king crush of the moment. Wegmans. Cue the angles singing. Inside is the culmination of old-timey markets with all of the glass cases and fresh food displayed for sale with friendly vendors who know their stuff. Fresh bread, seafood, pastries. Meals to go. Buffet style entrees.

Gourmet cheese an olive bar and wine, OH MY!

There is a natural food area. There are also regular budget conscience isles with the usual affordable items. There are places to eat and drink wine. A Coffee bar. Subs and pizza to go.
It's a store within a store within a restaurant within a bar within a old timey market. Whew! It's an experience. I can't go there for a quick stop. It's an event that deserves time and attention. It's big. It's bad-ass. It's food love.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Good Boys

I'm going to introduce you to the men in my life.
Mountain Man, A.K.A. Rich, has the hairy chin. He and I were coffee buddies for years. Every day @ 3:00 p.m. we'd get coffee @ work. Then one night we went bowling and a romance was born. The guy can build anything and knows a lot about a vast array of subjects. He is part motor head, geek and Wall street prodigy. He also has great taste!
The other dude is Sam. He is the best hugger.
Now I know what my parents meant when they said I was an "easy baby".
Aside from coming into this world 3 months premature, Sam has been easy. The good thing about him being early is I get to have an infant for that much longer. Soon he's going to be independent like his 21 month old sister. These are my BOYS. My heart swells.  (P.S. MM needs a new recliner!)