Monday, November 26, 2012

Home Sweet Nebraska

Growing up in Nebraska is all I know. As a youth I found films and television shows skipping over middle America. They seemed to jump from one coast to the other. The lack of exposure of my state & landscape was upsetting. Why couldn't E.T. have landed in Nebraska?
Let's cut to a scene that includes the Platte River where 500,000 Sandhill Cranes migrate through Grand Island. Perfect for a murder.
A Lost Boys type movie in Fontenelle Forrest along the Missouri River. Where someone runs away from home or escapes the bad guys by wading over to Iowa.
Or a highway-chase movie going through the Sandhills and roaring past Chimney Rock.
How about a family trying to keep the rodeo life going. Brad Pitt lead bull rider!
I long for some vistas of grassland and small towns in my films. I'm tired of big lights and dry dessert landscapes.

Cue the tumbleweeds!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post Thanksgiving

Wanted to post a few quick pictures of the tables. The wild grass proved to shed way too much to put near food. So maybe better luck next year. 
Part of my creative process is accepting when there is an epic fail and keep on moving. :) 
Things turned out o.k. even without the wild grass and feathers. Surprisingly the usual suspects didn't get drunk and my dish was the only thing there without butter.
BTW I sewed a pillowcase with an actual sewing machine yesterday. It's been since I was about 9 that I have used one because I was so frustrated by the experience. I do think it may be a little easier now. No promises but this could be something...the reveal of that stuff will be with the bedroom reveal. Now I may be able to sew the drapes rather than iron the hem.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stolen Meatballs

Mountain Man has been working 3 weekends in a row so I have not been very adventurous lately. Thanksgiving we go to a pot luck with 25-35 people. Alas, someone signed up for my meatball appetiser. I thought Swedish meatballs were my thing.  
I have brought them for a few years now.
So I am left flailing a bit to come up with a substitute. 
Friday night I did a test run on Warm Fennel and Parmesan Dip by good old Martha. Because she's usually a bit complicated I did a dry run and ended up eating 80% myself which went LOVELY with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I had only used one fennel not the three as it calls for. It was pretty good so I shall bring it to the feast.   

On Thanksgiving eve we get together for prep time and festivities. I set the tables & decorate them. This year I will try and be a little more natural. I work with the props I am supplied and bring a few of my own. Here is a hint of what I'm thinking this year.

 If I had a staff I'd have them comb the fields for more cat tails and pretty grass.
More pictures to come after the decor is finished but in the mean time. Enjoy yourselves this Thanksgiving. Cheers!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big Dreams Do Come In Small Packages

It's the story of when desire meets instinct and passion. And how when this happens doubt and fear take a back seat because all you can smell is victory. SWEET VICTORY! 
I love when that happens. I admire when that happens because I know someone is following their dream. Doing that takes courage. Down fear down!

Smokey And The Bandit

The planets aligned Sunday morning and I caught a wonderful CBS Sunday Morning interview. Something about that show gives me moments of sheer bliss. Has since I was little.

I secretly want to be a guest one day. A low grade dream but fear BEWARE.      

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Letting Go Of Cool

I have long since given up on the hunt of good independent films and reading all about them. I no longer thrill on finding secret foodie spots in D.C. My trendy clothes shopping is on the back burner. My dance moves are stuck in the 90's.

In spite of these tragedies this has also given me new perspective. It gives me the chance to see myself without all of the frills and love me undone. And in turn I look at others with a more gentle gaze. The way that I in my current state would like to be seen.

I play a game that I'm looking for others who can see in this way. When we meet we will know telepathically. No need for words just a cool mental handshake.
Photo from William Sun