Saturday, October 13, 2012

Going Interior To Decorate

Yep Baby, it's getting cold outside. Which is a fine time to pull out the blankets and buy a new rug for the chilly cement floor. I am finally getting to decorate the new (transitional) master bedroom. Mountain Man is a carpenter/contractor so we have been converting garage space into living space. For a WHILE now. All of the logistics of heat, electricity, drywall, doors and that boring stuff has been put in place. I...we are now picking the decor. I have looked at enough magazines, blogs, Pinterest boards, TV & websites to have a degree in decorating.
Garage in early stages. We added that wall on the right.
We are (working on) not buying a lot of new stuff and trying to use things in a storage unit of furniture or build it. The coolest thing in the room aside from the view of the woods and sunrise are the beams made from re-purposed pallet wood.
There are 3 of these pallet beams in the room.
We looked and looked at barn doors but the hardware just made them crazy expensive since we wanted two sets. So he made those too from plain Home Depot doors and MDF. He did one wall in wood for a custom look.
There are 2 barn door sets. They go on the new wood wall.
To see my potential finishing touches you can check out my Pinterest Master and Master Final boards.   Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll reveal how things evolved.

Mostly finished...

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