Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Milestones Blah!

I am apparently a delayed adult according to the charts.

In the last 20 months the word milestones has been rearing itself. I suppose I understand the need for them but being from the Midwest it feels like a lot of East Coast pressure.
I do not enjoy the notion that my child needs to pick up x amount of blocks by x age in order to get into Harvard. And anyway I commend people who listen to their own drummer. Milestones feel like using the same measuring stick for things that are too different.
I suppose getting a full time job, married, kids, retiring with money are typical adult milestones. Aren't those goals too?

Possible considerations for new adult milestones; When...
  • You find your first therapist (in spite of insurance obstacles)
  • You don't get divorced - is that more of a goal?
  • You are addiction & addict free
  • You accept and love yourself
  • You realize you can't control others
  • You figure out love is never lost because you created it in the first place
  • You can lose 20 lbs in a week (post baby)
Most of those are a lot more difficult than setting up a 401k plan and are music to my ears.

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