Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vegas Sober

Neon Boneyard 
Las Vegas! There is something for everyone, freak to geek, in this wild sunny place. Hotels keep trying for bigger and better. Tourists benefit because the strip gets an extreme makeover every 3 years and there's always something new. Some old hotels downtown update themselves some just exist while Fremont Street unites them with a Time Square like energy. Street artists and characters hang out there for photo ops. You can zip line from end to end, listen to music, visit casinos and sip a rainbow assortment of adult beverages served up like soft serve ice cream right on the street.
Fremont Street
Now there is a whole new dimension of tourism beyond gambling, showgirls and night clubbing. History Channel groupies are lining up for Pawn Stars and American Restoration  tours. Several Vegas based TV shows come to life when you walk through their surprisingly ordinary work shops. 

Vegas is a photographers dream. The Neon Boneyard Museum was the highlight of the trip for me. Plus there is good old signage all over town and the light is very white and clean.
Neon Boneyard 
We enjoyed X Burlesque at the Flamingo. It was classically trained dancers sexing it up a little with poles, sans tops and Flash Dance like short dance numbers. The comedian at intermission had me bent over laughing. 

Bring all of your personalites and have a ball.



  1. Oh wow, now I really want to go to the Neon Boneyard. Sounds like you had a great trip!

  2. It was nice and WARM, Stacy! The tour guide was very informative and proud of their stockpile.

  3. Hevers!!! Just SPANK me Baby Jesus! The universe is just rolling out the red carpet for you to be a photo-journalist. There is some struggling travel mag out there that would have a gratitude-gasm over your combined photography and writing ability! Those photos are great -- now I know what I want for my next birthday/Christmas combined present. Rock ON GP! (This is my enthusiasm level and I haven't even taken my mood pill this morning -- or had a cocktail.)