Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To Reupholster Or Not To Reupholster

Hans Blomquist
For several years I have fantasized about having a custom upholstery  piece of furniture. We are considering moving a sofa we have to a new spot but it's not dog/kid friendly. So I thought I'd look into seeing how much a slip cover would cost.

One thing that had often stopped me was I didn't know where to begin. But I got online punching in my zip code and a search came up with a couple of businesses in my area. One person called me right away and made an appointment to come out and give me an estimate. I had looked at her website and liked her work.

I wondered who does this old art form anymore? Silvia arrived and was a stylish, slender woman who brought fabric samples and a measuring tape. Kneeling here and there and willing to walk out in the mud to see the other stored piece, she was professional. She learned how to upholster from her parents business in South America and came to Virginia in 2000. I wanted to go to Sylvia's workshop and watch the process. I want to learn how to transform old furniture into beautiful things! But I can barely thread a sewing machine, what could I do?

I saw a special on Jack White where he said he was an upholsterer before he had his band which made me like him even more. He learned guitar after work at that job.
Silvia said she would come and pick up the sofa and have it returned in two weeks. The cost is almost as much as new sofa so I have to think about it and find the right fabric. On the positive side I would have something exactly as I want it, one of a kind and washable. And it's recycling too.

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  1. Go for it! It'll be like having a new couch, but without throwing an old couch away. Also, I love Jack White.