Friday, July 20, 2012


Today's word; glamping

The word glamping is a blend of camping with the adjective glamorous, i.e. the notion of glamorous camping. The word first appeared about five years ago, and the concept is thought primarily to be a British invention – possibly spawned by an increasing guilt over carbon footprints among the middle classes. by Kerry Maxwell

Well Hells bells that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Glamping!
I stumbled upon this glorious word while I was obsessing over vintage campers last week. 

1958 Ken Craft by Crissy Brennan
Shasta Trailer from Design Sponge
Now I can fantasize about G L A M P I N G with a bunch of my besties at a music festival or the fam at a beach side park. So this way I don't have to get out the flashlight and carry my toiletries down the dark scary road to the (grungy) public restroom to brush my teeth. I can be in my vintage camper or yurt, tepee or podpad. Preferably with a toilet and running water, thank you very much! This is a fantasy remember?

So instead of a big luxury hotel on the beach or a little tent at the campground there is something in between. And there is even a website for you to book your glamping trip today.  So cool. This can be taken to the extreme or minimal I'm sure. I mean, I don't need to eat scrapple on china. But a king bed, cute sheets & a stove? Heck ya, that would be swell.

1950 Vagabond, Steven & Jenay Katkowsky
 The day would be spent sipping on mixed cocktails lounging around the glampground by our glamper and somehow awesome food would get made and someone would bring us steamed shrimp & clams and maybe we'd even do a crab feast. On second thought picking crabs takes away too much time from drinking.
In this fantasy I don't really need that much food. I can be sustained by alcohol alone. We wander to the VIP section wherever we go and get perfect tans in the perfect 77 degree weather. The kids don't cry and play all day with the friendly neighbor glampers who are inviting us over for champagne and oysters right now...

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