Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Job fantasy #136 - Yoga Studio Owner 

Yoga for me is like getting a Richard Simmons hug at a Grateful Dead concert. A little less enthusiastic maybe. No, it's a therapy session on Sunday after church and a steamy trip to India bound into one. 

Slow down. Imagine an hour in your day with no one judging you (or the intent not to). A room full of people focused on positive experiences. Accepting yourself AS YOU ARE. Even if you don't have the prettiest pose or best ___ in the room. (Insert your favorite self hated item here.) And sweating your butt off from movement! 

                                                               Jody Kivort
The conventional notion that real exercise needs to be the most distance covered or weight pumped to work will be tested. The most challenging aspect of yoga for me is the mental push ups. There is the opportunity to quiet the noise in your head and be...


It takes practice to be the pose...the air...the universe. You uncluttered.

No one is shouting your name to finish. But if you can find inner stamina it's a zen win.

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