Friday, December 7, 2012

Green Dogs Are Great

Celebrating December 13 will be the 4th year I've had my rescue dog. In Byrdie's honor (formerly Robin) I'll tell you our story of adoption.

Once upon a time I was looking for a French Bulldog. I wanted a rescue, adult, non-chewing, house trained dog. My quest led me to Petfinder. Which led me to a million different breeds. Who knew Frenchies were hard to come by as they are in demand.
Elvis, Bubba, Byrd, Byrdie, Bbbbbyrd, Robin
I made an inquiry call about a dog and ended up being a foster parent the next day for Family Pack Rescue. The dog I liked had been rescued so I was asked to foster 2 beagle brothers that were going to be killed by the weekend if someone didn't take them home. Not what I had planned but I liked being a foster mom. I helped get some pups out of danger and move them through the system while I looked for my forever dog. I'd never owned a dog so fostering was a warm up to ownershipdom.

One day I got an alert from Family Pack Rescue with a list of dogs that were in need "or else" and I saw my girl. Not a Frenchy but a sweet funny face that spoke to me. I made the call did the application and planned my overnight trip to Roane County Animal Shelter. One of my best rash moves ever. She is as sweet as her picture.

I learned shelter life is brutal. Many shelters don't have the funds to pay for electricity or man power over the weekends so animals either get fostered/adopted out or die.
Coming into the holiday season if you are considering a pet consider your local shelter Shelters by state. Such a gift! 

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