Thursday, December 20, 2012

Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things. This year and right now. Happy Holidays!
By artist Paige Bridges
Explore  blog about a 30-something Colorado couple currently going around the world in 18 months. What do you pack for that?!
HGTV Magazine  forever looking for my Domino replacement
Flipping Out  Jeff Lewis is part artist, mental patient, pervy friend and bravely bares a lot of himself in this t.v. show

One Kings Lane daily specials on interior decorating and gifts - new stuff and antiques
Zulily good deals on kids stuff. Shipping takes a few weeks but usually it's worth it.
Arbonne RE9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum not a big lotion person but when I put this on at night my skin is seriously softer and actually 'radiant' the next day.

No contract phone! I now pay half of what I used to pay per month and I have unlimited everything. I LOVE IT. So far so good.
Pinterest for filing ideas, images, decore, food, you name it. File the picture so you can look at it later and go,"oh yeah, good idea!" The image often takes you back to the url if it's still active too.

Lori's Lemon Honest Tea good natural tea with a little sweet (no corn syrup)
Sweet Leaf gallons of sweet tea for my honey (also no corn syrup & their original site is corrupt right now)
Perdue Simply Smart Chicken - my 1 year old loves this chicken. She knows when I substitute with a different brand. Just chicken and a light breading. For grown-ups throw a couple strips on a salad for a healthy quick dinner.
Allrecipes for really decent recipes and a lot to choose from
Simply Naked wine they had me at unoaked. Decent wine for meals and for the unspecial occasion of you, your love and some t.v.

Wegmans Cranberry orange bread good right out of the bread bag plain. Anything else makes it just that much better. Seasonal and sooo tasty.
Bad Santa my favorite holiday movie. Hey, I'm twisted. This is a real different take on Christmas spirit. If you are OK with rated R movies & you like Billie Bob Thornton check it out.
Bull Run Festival of Lights  Maybe there is a good light show in your neighborhood.
I love getting in the car Christmas eve and getting my cheesy light display on. The babies get to sit in my lap we go so slow through this park.

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