Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Heart Wegmans

You know how Charlie felt when he got a golden ticket? Elated to go into the magical, dreamy chocolate factory? That's about how I felt going to the SAC base Commissary with my mom as a kid. I dreamt up ways to get locked inside overnight so I could taste all of the things she wouldn't let me get. I wanted to lick the bubble gum wallpaper!

Fast forward to now and if a grocery store is "all that" I can find myself getting well, a bit of a crush actually. Like I did with Trader Joe's. It took me awhile to notice him but now I have a crush. Whole Foods is always breath taking but he's a bit of a poser-rich boy who lies. We're kind of on the outs but so goodlookin'.

That brings me to my king crush of the moment. Wegmans. Cue the angles singing. Inside is the culmination of old-timey markets with all of the glass cases and fresh food displayed for sale with friendly vendors who know their stuff. Fresh bread, seafood, pastries. Meals to go. Buffet style entrees.

Gourmet cheese an olive bar and wine, OH MY!

There is a natural food area. There are also regular budget conscience isles with the usual affordable items. There are places to eat and drink wine. A Coffee bar. Subs and pizza to go.
It's a store within a store within a restaurant within a bar within a old timey market. Whew! It's an experience. I can't go there for a quick stop. It's an event that deserves time and attention. It's big. It's bad-ass. It's food love.

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