Friday, January 4, 2013

Into The New Year Consciously

I always love the fresh start of a new year. It's like a blank canvas with so much hope for the making of a new masterpiece. So far I am starting out day by day to do better by me.
  •  I am being more conscious (about how I spend my time, eating, exercise, family time, helping around the house).
  • Consciously not taking the expensive toll road to save 5 minutes in my commute
  • Consciously dealing with debt
  • Consciously not engaging in bickering
  • Consciously not spending time thinking about past mistakes
To begin anew also means reflecting on the past year, exhaling that it's over and kissing it good-bye. Rich keeps saying, "You made it!" But I haven't let myself feel the victory yet. I'm ready to let it go!
It's astonishing how well it turned out considering...
In 2012 we celebrated our 2nd consecutive New Year while pregnant. January 13 Stella fell and deeply cut her face just missing her eye. In February we celebrated her first 1st birthday and in March I went into preterm labor.    Three. Months. Early.
Ignorance is a good thing sometimes. It saved me from knowing and freaking out about all of the possible complication a premature baby can have.
My first time holding Sam 3 days after he was born.
March 8th Sam was taken from my womb stabilized and sent to another hospital for more support. That was the hardest moment of the year. Maybe ever. All I can say is I always felt that everything would be o.k. from the first day through Sam's two months in the NICU. So many things could have gone wrong but he was a perfect patient. He came home in May. In June he had hernia surgery and things have been pretty normal ever since.
The rest of 2012 is a blur. We really have the home improvements moving forward and NICU bills under control. In the scheme of things we have our health and today and that is everything. HELLO 2013!

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  1. Praise the Lord, there you are with that old soul sea monkey! If you look at Sam's face now, you know he's solid gold and full of peace. Rock on, 2013!