Thursday, January 24, 2013

Daydreaming This Cold Away

This week has been cold. February cold. And we still have February to bear. As Tom Robbins said, "If February is the color of lard on rye, its aroma is that of wet wool trousers.".

I supremely dislike February so it's high time to transport myself. Since it will not be physically I will have to suffice with remembering a great vacation we took that has been on my mind lately.
About to enter Grand Teton National Park
IT WAS WARM in September 2009 and Mountain Man, Spike and I drove from Colorado Springs to Glacier National Park. We slept in the back of a minivan (down by the river) at national parks most nights. We had campfires. Ate from cans. The best part was seeing all of those great parks and that part of the USA. Yellowstone is magical with its history & beauty. You can imagine all of the people who stayed at the old hotels and ate in the those grand dining rooms. So many artists photographing and painting those iconic images we get to call ours.
22 miles SE of Old Faithful

We had a run in with a buffalo and saw a bear run across the road. Cattle road blocked us. Windmills filled the horizon sometimes. The night sky was so clear we saw the Milky Way as close as if we could reach up and grab it. We drove through Indian Reservations. Raced to get the last available campsite more than once. Found the place we'd like to buy a vacation home. Thought about writing a Spike adventure book. Such a great trip. Did I mention it was warm? I hope you are thinking warm thoughts to get you through too.

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