Monday, February 25, 2013

Wilco Wasn't Here But I Was

February 18, 2006 was a good night. I have to document it before I totally forget because it was pre-Facebook and my journal was destroyed therefore it may not have happened. I have a few photos somewhere possibly on film, dear God.

It was a time of some chaos in my life. That night was no different. I was living with a musician and he and his friends had been on the music scene around College Park, MD for 15 plus years. One of their previous band mates, the least motivated in the bunch, had just gotten a break and was picked up by a major metal band. The metal band was browsing a local music store asking if anyone knew of anyone who could play a Hammond organ. His name was given, they knocked on his mom's door and he was signed, on a tour bus, money in his pocket within days. An absolute 180 from getting drunk and sleeping on mom's couch. Everyone was a bit shocked "the dream" happened to him out of all of them.

This brings me to another dream-come-true story which created this night. I don't remember his name but he was a musician and a fan of Wilco. He wrote on their MySpace page. Glenn Kotche checked out his music liked it and said, "Hey, you find a place for us to play there (Baltimore) and you can open for us." Something like that. All I know is 1. He was going to get to perform his music (which had never been performed nor was there a band to preform it) 2. He was going to get to hang with people he admired 3. He was going to open for Wilco musicians and plan their flippin show.


It was a side project with Glenn Kotche and maybe Pat Sansone but I can't find what the name of the band was, nor recall it. I'm thinking this gig was just for kicks and I'm the only one documenting it. Afterall, it all went down in some random warehouse.

A day or so before the show, there was a quick practice. I attended. My roomate was the drummer and his bandmate the guitar player for these never performed songs. I went because I love being a fly on the wall. Especially that afternoon. The poor guy was a shy talented person. I wanted to see how he was going to work this out in such short time. Nothing like a dream smacking you upside the head. You have show up son! The guy was all nerves and doubting himself. That afternoon he was in the 'I'm not going to do this' stage.

The guitar player in the band was in a bit of a bind. He wanted to help his friend out and play the gig but that same night he had a prior commitment to attend a party for his boss and friend Paul Reed Smith. It was his 50th birthday party and a big bash was planned at The Ram's Head that night. He HAD to be at the star studded party. He planned to set up at the gig run to the birthday party and then come back to play then get back to the party. Whatever his plan it was tricky. Tricky, and he needed my help. Both were private parties.
To be continued...

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  1. fuckin a girl, you got me hangin on every word! What next?