Monday, February 4, 2013

Stella Rides The Train

Last weekend I got to experience how chaos quickly fades into the shadows when your kid smiles from her little soul.

Rewind to this fall. I showed Stella the train that goes clacking and dinging around Wegman's on a track above the aisles. She was hooked. On the way home that night we stopped first in line at some tracks for an oncoming train. I rolled down the windows as the warning horn blared and the train crushed by us. Then in the quiet electric air a long scream of excitement came from the backseat and a train lover was born.

Stella in her new pants from the mall.
Trains have since been part of our daily conversations. After a few weeks I decided a metro ride would have to suffice in the middle of winter. Do you know what you have to pack for a 3 hour excursion with 2 babies on a 30 degree January day?!

The day included train delays on the outside platform. Some public crying. A wet diaper that leaked onto the pizza parlor floor with no spare pants in the diaper bag. A trip to the mall for new pants. A few hiccups but of course it was all worth it. Stella was blissful and when that happens not much else matters but seeing trains.

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