Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vegas Bound

We're going to Vegas on an extended date night next month. It's been a couple of years since we've taken a vacation and there will be no babies on board! The 'old us' is bound to come out and have fun.
pam sattlers flickr
This will be my second time there. I was absolutely surprised that I LOVED it when I went for Kaydra's birthday 4 years ago. L O V E D  I T. 
cheer_dad flickr

We are staying @ The Golden Nugget in old town cuz I liked the vibe. It reminded me of old Omaha. That steak house, dingy carpet, 60's lighting feel. If the walls could talk it would be in a raspy cigarette stained voice about leisure suits, Manhattans and dirty money.
 I have no idea what to wear. I feel like I should get hair extensions and a boob job real quick. Anyway, I will be planning for that the next few weeks. Excited! Any suggestions about what we should see while there?


  1. Vegas, baby! I need to wrangle some girlfriends into going with me, I think. I've never been. My husband has (before we met) and he says once was enough for him. Whatever!

  2. Yes, you should get rowdy w/ some gals there. At least go to all you can eat buffets and see some Elvis impersonators! Roller coasters, steak houses, gambling, strip clubs, shows, fake tattoos...a lot to do!