Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Party Deck In Progress

I'm use to the dark, rich, earthy soil of Nebraska. As a kid I would dig under our deck hoping I'd get to China or find a buried treasure box or historical artifact that would be my ticket to get out of town. I gave up rather quickly and made mud pies with poison berries from the bushes instead.

This region is so rocky we have a pile of hundreds of field stone stacked high by the farmer who raised cattle on the land. Every time you dig you hit rock here but I hope to use the pile in a foundation, chimney or wall one day.
Ideas from my Pinterest Board Maciejewski Landscaping Inc.
The latest project on the farm is what Mountain Man calls the party deck. As if we party! This is an attempt to tie two outbuildings together and begin a wall/fence for the new goat area. I just nod my head as he recounts his vision and I try to give some input when requested. Unless something is on paper it's hard for me to imagine when he describes angles and levels of earth and placement of imaginary steps. The good news is the deck is shaping up to have multiple textures and mixed material. I got really excited when he talked about using big slabs of rock for stairs to break up the wood of the deck. The garden center choices didn't pan out but he was able to scour our own land for boulders and use those as steps instead. It's looking really good! I might even have some wine out there.
Party Patio in progress

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  1. Ready to sit out in my pajamas with a tankard of Goat Juice (not sure what that is but we'll invent something)!