Monday, April 22, 2013

Hair Loss or Found

Everywhere I look on TV it's long hair long hair. I don't think you can live in the state of California with out it. Yesterday I did the unthinkable to one hair stylist I know (Kaydra), I cut my long hair off. For the past 4 years I have grown it out and it did get nice & long but I got bored. I just couldn't take the same thing any more. Maybe I need a hobby but fun hair makes me happy. Photos of the shorter cuts made me excited. So I went with the words of another hair dresser, a French one, "Long hair does nothing for you, Darling." Robert (Roberrr) was the kind of man who had probably slept with most of his clientele until his mid 50's. Even then he oozed sexual energy and I trusted a French man to know what was sexy on me. The neck. The natural wave of mussed up locks. A woman who knows who she is and wears her hair as an accessory an art piece not a security blanket. I do think American woman are starting to all have the same hair. Is there a memo I missed that long extensions and striped highlights are sexy? Is it that our men are all attracted to the same person?

Sexy and strong short haired ladies Marylin Monroe, Rachel Maddow and Hallie Berry come to mind. So I'm going with my gut and joy (and impulse) on this one and I will have the freedom of quick- drying, short, sassy hair even if it only speaks French.
after (long day!)


  1. So sassy! I go back and forth with phases of long and short. In a long-ish phase right now. I could never have that long straight TV hair even if I wanted to (which I don't)--my hair just gets too W I D E.

  2. Flat irons are one of the best inventions ever!