Thursday, June 13, 2013

Night Market Philly Is A Food Truck Party

Night Markets are a common destination in Asian Cities. They are open air casual markets with live food preparation, fresh local cuisine and something to solidify a perhaps otherwise liquid evening. Now add the U.S. and food trucks. OH YES!
Miaokou Night Market, Taiwan photograph by Neil Wade My Shot
I am drooling literally. I have a big love for food trucks, festivals and travel so this Philadelphia roving Night Market makes me giddy. I'm excited for the vendors who get to feature their goods and the lucky patrons who will have access to unique eats all in one place. I hope this catches on to more cities around the U.S.A.
Philadelphia Night Market June 20, 2013 6-10 p.m.  
Here is a video about the Philadelphia Night Market which travels to different neighborhoods and has live music! From what I can gather it's only once a year right now. Bon appetit!

Photo by Michaelangelo Ilagan for The Food Trust

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  1. Hey, I am just so glad to know that night market Philly is a food truck party. I bet that all the people enjoy this party a lot. Looking forward to more such details here. I personally love these kinds of events. At some local NYC venues I also attended a food tasting event which just turned out to be awesome.