Friday, September 7, 2012

Girl Band

  Did I mention I'm in a girl band? Or was. We broke up.Well it's true. We were the Circ Girlz. Three members of diverse chicks bonded by books to start. Then music, dealing with the public,TV, thrifting, food, road trips, and alcohol bonded us further. Through the years we debated who would be lead singer and what instruments we could fake play. The point is we wanted to be rock stars. Or maybe just do what we did together -play- MORE often. Like as in all of the time.
  We're actually similar to a small book club or talk show. We often thought we could be rented for party entertainment or be really interesting friends to famous people. Tracy and Mimi are very well read and intelligent. I am the person of action. Tracy wanted to have a cooking show or talk show and hang out with Oprah. Mimi wanted to be an astronaut wife or girlfriend to several skinny musicians. I wanted a shorter commute and to get rid of my acne. I also wished to live in a music video with Sting or Eddie Vedder. 
Taken on Circ Girlz beach trip.
  All 3 of us are comedians and artists. Something maybe only our band members recognize in one another. We actually were each others biggest fans. Sounds like a support group now. Oh yes, we had therapist too.
  For gosh, maybe 10 years we took an annual voyage to the beach in the dead of winter. The routine was to thrift shop til we drop, watch CMTV, DVDs, eat brunch & boardwalk food, drink mimosas and do facials and pedicures. Crammed into 3 days. Recently 2 of us started a Pintrest group.
And that's where we get to hang out until we reunite for another excursion.

  Contact me if you want to rent the Circ Girlz for a party. We may 'get back together' for the right price.

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